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Maluma: That's actually something that I'm working on right now. And this past year was something that I really wanted to work on too. Like not only Messi, but Rafael Nadal, tennis players. All these big celebrities that I really admire, I wanted to get closer to them this year. That's why when they told me that I was invited to Met Gala again, I wanted to do it just because of that reason. I wanted to be sitting down at the table of the people that I really admire and just exchanging some thoughts.

” And that was the beginning of this Papi Juancho project. It was one of the few songs I recorded before Covid. And it’s a very Vivo song, very from the heart, with good lyrics, and good content. Truth is, I get bored of the same old reggaeton. It’s good to add lyrical content to the songs.

Ha sido una señorita llamada Stella quien ha hablado de ello en TikTok. Ella trabajaba con Clara en un bar de copas de Barcelona que frecuentaba Piqué, aunque asegura que en ese momento no se dio cuenta de que entre ellos dos había algo más que una amistad.

Los retos que enfrentan las pymes en el país se han convertido en una piedra en el zapato en el crecimiento económico de los emprendedores. Con este doctrina de finanaciación podría suceder una luz al final del tunel de la creación de empresa

schreef: I am not good at english but I do my best, and I learning, so if you Chucho help me to do better MALUMA KAROL G my translation I will thank you, but if you Chucho't help or you don't want to you don't have to insult me.

Los colombianos Karol G y Maluma se lanzan al "funk carioca" en el rémix de Tá OK que se lanzó este jueves y donde se unen al productor brasileño Dennis y a MC Kevin o Chris en "una conexión muy distinto entre el tamborzão del funk de los primaveras 2000 y el ritmo latino incontenible del reguetón".

This is one of my favorite tracks. It was written [by several of Maluma’s longtime collaborators] in a song camp in Hawaii. Then maluma babay the song reached [songwriter/producer] Edgar Barrera and she showed it to me. I fell in love with the intro chorus and I wrote the hallarse. When I finished recording I called my management and said: “Boys, I have the first single.

Ídolo de Deportivo Nacional critica a los directivos al no tenerlo en cuenta a las leyendas en fresco homenaje

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Maluma announced that he was going to be a father through the music video for his song “Procura,” which featured scenes of the couple looking at an ultrasound and counting down at a gender reveal party. A stream of pink light revealed that the couple was having a baby girl.

It’s amazing to see how much people are embracing this song that it is quickly MALUMA KAROL G becoming a solid hit single! I Chucho’t thank my fans enough for this.

La alianza permite a Silence entrar a la red de concesionarios de Nissan en Europa, abriendo un canal de distribución.

Maluma made the jump to the silver screen by voicing the character Mariano Guzmán in the 2021 Disney animated hit movie, Encanto

Steve Baltin: I maluma love the fact that you call yourself “Grandpa Jones.” I understand. When you do go trasnochado then, do you appreciate it more?

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